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Making the roads safer for all

I recently had the heart-stopping experience of speaking in front of all the 100 members of Leeds City Council including The Lady Mayoress. It was terrifying!

My mission is to make our country lanes safer for

  • Walkers

  • Wheelchair Users

  • Horse riders and Carriage Drivers

  • Cyclists

The plan is to re-brand the countryside into what it actually should be - Well Being Zones. It is insane that people are allowed to zoom around blind bends at 60mph in killing machines. It's high time it was stopped!

We all need to immerse safely in nature and heal our mental health issues. We all have them! We all have problems and nature is our greatest therapist.

My idea is to reduce speed limits to 20mph as they are now in most suburban streets. And have huge signage saying Well-Being Zone! Pass Wide And Slow! with an image of the vulnerable road users and 2m - 10mph (meaning to pass at 10mph at a 2 meter gap).

All 100 members of the council agreed this is a great idea and want to have a pilot scheme in Eccup where my horses are. Fingers crossed it will get through the planning application.

Horse & Hound ran a terrific article about it here....

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