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The farm

Buckle up and get back in the saddle!

Meet Grace - her childhood dream has finally come true – she is a horse owner and becomes the mistress of her own land; but the reality isn’t quite the rainbows and unicorns that she imagined it would be. Echoes of a past heavy with sadness triggers a downhill spiral and Grace must find the courage to face her mental demons.

When a feral pony comes charging into her life, causing tremendous chaos, a chance encounter with a brilliantly eccentric horse trainer takes Grace on a journey to the centre of her heart where all the answers lie waiting…

Laugh-out-loud funny, yet also deeply moving, this is a beautifully woven story full of wonderful characters and hilarious escapades set within the glorious Yorkshire countryside.


The Farm Book Cover Grace Olson

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Grace is once again thrust into the depths of adventures both on horseback and emotionally. The echoes of a childhood tinged with pain rears its head and must be dealt with, but how?


Full of hilarious and fascinating characters both old and new, The Farm will leave you feeling empowered and inspired… Choose from the links below to purchase your copy today.

The Farm - My Journey Deepens

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the artist

The wonderful watercolour which adorns the cover of The Farm, is another portrait by the fabulous artist, Ruth Buchanan.

It was like watching magic when Ruth revealed the painting and I actually cried! Her unique gift of capturing the perfect moment on canvas was encapsulated by a comment from a friend. She said “Ruth Buchanan is an emotionally talented artist”. I have to agree. Ruth knows instinctively what a painting needs in order to have depth and meaning.

I am so very grateful for the opportunity to work with Ruth and I highly recommend her for anyone who wants a quality portrait of their beloved pet whether it’s a horse, dog or cat. Or indeed any animal!

Treat your eyes to a look at Ruth’s work here:

The Farm Book Painting for Front Cover


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