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Merlin Finds His Magic

Separated from the flock, Merlin the lamb desperately yearns to return home. His mummy had told him he was magic.


Could his magic help him to get back to her? Merlin has no idea what his magic does but life presents him with several new companions in the form of three bouncy goats, three wise horses and a little girl who is able to understand what animals say. Each one teaches him that nature surrounds us with magic all the time.

Finally, when Merlin discovers that his magic is making other people happy, he experiences deep joy and complete fulfilment.

A whimsical tale for young and old…

Merlin Finds His Magic is Grace's first children's book - a beautifully illustrated chapter book for ages 5 and up. Available now!

Merlin Finds His Magic Book Cover by Grace Olson
“A magical tale by a magical farmer.”

Julian Norton

TV Vet and Author

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Merlin Finds His Magic is available now from Amazon, or direct from the publisher. Choose from the links below to purchase your copy today.

For UK readers, order Merlin Finds His Magic now from Amazon

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Purchase Merlin Finds His Magic directly from the publisher


For UK readers, order Merlin Finds His Magic now from Waterstones


Purchase Merlin Finds His Magic directly from Blackwells

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For UK readers, order Merlin Finds His Magic now from WH Smith

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Inspiration for Merlin

When Merlin first arrived he was 6 months old and wild. I had no previous experience with sheep but I wanted him to know he was safe and that I cared about him. I did my best to transfer those intentions to him the only way I knew how – by thinking about it as if I was telling him. I think it got through because he suddenly changed and became very interested in being with me. He also became very cuddly like a dog which was surprising and lovely.

For a laugh, I then attempted to teach him how to run and jump over my horse’s poles and he took to it immediately!

Merlin is full of fun and he loves to be involved with everything that goes on at our field. He is one of the first to come and greet patients who come for equine facilitated therapy which is how my ‘sheep therapy’ evolved.

People love being with Merlin and his woolly brothers. There is something magical about cuddling a sheep – it makes you feel so happy!

Merlin the Inspirational Sheep and Grace Olson

Merlin News & Events

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Merlin found his magic and Grace Olson has definitely found hers! A lovely story with a very special message. Loved it!
Reviews for The Yard

I won't spoil the story, but it is very likely that the child, or children, in your life will have their imaginations fired and will be inspired to deepen their connection with the animal world after reading this book.

Reviews for The Yard

“A wonderfully written story which reminds us how magical nature is! The illustrations are beautiful and absorbing. A new timeless classic thoroughly enjoyable for adults as well as children.

Reviews for The Yard

the Illustrator

It was so much fun to work with Andrew Prescott, my illustrator for Merlin’s book. I was astonished by his ability to listen to my vision and then speedily create a beautiful watercolour as if he’d looked inside my head and seen what I wanted.

As I am not an artist, I left the majority of the design up to him and I am glad I did. He weaved his magic and created the perfect imagery for my first children’s book.

I’m really looking forward to working with him for future books.


You can see his wonderful talents here:

Baby Merlin Illustration by Andrew Prescott for Grace Olson's Merlin Finds His Magic


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