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books by Grace Olson

The Yard Book Cover Grace Olson Author
The Yard
How a Horse Healed my Heart

The debut novel from Grace Olson, The Yard - How a Horse Healed my Heart, captures the story of Grace's journey from post-natal depression to happiness, thanks to the healing power of horses. Awarded 'bestseller' status on Amazon, it is the first captivating instalment on what is set to be a four-part series of Grace's therapeutic adventures with animals.

Set in the glorious Yorkshire countryside and bursting with eccentric characters, The Yard is a beautifully woven story about life and love which will leave you feeling spell-bound.

For fans of James Herriot and Ruby Ferguson’s Jill books, The Yard is a hilarious and heart-warming, feel-good read.

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The Farm Book Cover 2024 Grace Olson Author
The Farm
My Journey Deepens

Extremely funny yet also powerfully emotional.

Join Grace as she steps into an unexpected journey in which the horse shines a light on unresolved childhood trauma, takes her hand and leads her back to happiness.

This is more than just a story about a horse owner and the hilarious situations she finds herself in. This is a story that will resonate with anyone who has suffered low self-esteem and bullying, whether at work, at school or in any area of life.
A cleverly crafted tale that entertains and delights yet also provides the key to personal growth and transformation, subtly woven into the narrative, thanks to the silent wisdom of the horse

Available now!

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Merlin Finds His Magic Cover Grace Olson Author
Merlin Finds His Magic

Available now, this is a beautifully illustrated chapter book for ages 5 and up.

Separated from the flock, Merlin the lamb desperately yearns to return home. His mummy had told him he was magic. Could his magic help him to get back to her? Merlin has no idea what his magic does but life presents him with several new companions in the form of three bouncy goats, three wise horses and a little girl who is able to understand what animals say. Each one teaches him that nature surrounds us with magic all the time.

Finally, when Merlin discovers that his magic is making other people happy, he experiences deep joy and complete fulfilment.

A whimsical tale for young and old…


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