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The Country Smallholder

Such excitement ensued when my favourite magazine, The Country Smallholder, asked me for a feature about my therapy work with sheep.

My new 'thing' is helping people feel better by taking them into my field and letting them hang out with me cuddly sheep. It's all about getting back to nature and what better way than with an animal who is usually untouchable?

We see sheep in huge flocks, all of them look the same and we assume they are 'stupid' and a bit boring. Well, let me tell you, sheep all have individual personalities, they can learn their own name and they love to be involved with people! My flock love to be cuddled and they also love to do agility, just like dogs! In fact, my friend calls them 'non-barking dogs' and she's spot on with that description!

To read the full article, click here:

CSH sheep therapy article
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