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My Story

When I started writing my ideas for The Yard as a blog during lockdown in 2020, I never imagined that it would turn into a real-life book, let alone a bestseller!

It began as a weekly episode on Facebook to help entertain people and quickly became so popular that people began asking for a book. I have to admit I was full of self-doubt and didn’t think anyone would want to buy it.


I’m glad I battled on despite my fears and although I was rejected from every agent I submitted to, I self-published and my book flew off the shelves. It was the most amazing and humbling experience.

It's been tremendous fun to have become an author and I hope that you enjoy my writing.

My Books

The Yard

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Merlin Finds His Magic

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The Farm

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The Yard isn't a book about just horses, or just people. It's a book about all the curve balls that life can throw at you, and how so many times there is a way through the minefield... you just have to find it, by finding yourself.


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