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It’s Here!

My first ever children’s book has been published today and it’s so popular that it’s sold out on Amazon already!

A print run is hastily being arranged as we speak.

Merlin Finds His Magic is a beautifully illustrated first chapter book for ages 4-100 and I hope that the delightful tale and wonderful watercolours will bring you joy and happiness.

Here is the book description…


Separated from the flock, Merlin the lamb desperately yearns to return home. His mummy had told him he was magic. Could his magic help him to get back to her? Merlin has no idea what his magic does but life presents him with several new companions in the form of three bouncy goats, three wise horses and a little girl who is able to understand what animals say. Each one teaches him that nature surrounds us with magic all the time.

Finally, when Merlin discovers that his magic is making other people happy, he experiences deep joy and complete fulfilment.


A whimsical tale for young and old…


Every book sale takes me one step closer to fulfilling my dream of being able to treat terminally ill people for free so thank you to everyone who has bought my book and please tell your friends and family about it too! X

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